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Invicta Health Center:

Family Health Center for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Management

A growing number of ALC (alternate level of care) patients, can occupy from 1/3 to 1/2 of hospital beds. But by the time a patient is admitted to hospital, its very difficult to change their pathway towards a nursing home bed.  Our approach is to move upstream and to identify those patients that are at risk of hospital or nursing home admission and intervene early in order to divert them to a more affordable and effective model of care. 


Invicta Health Centre will provide a new model of care for family medicine, healthy aging and chronic disease management.  The  Invicta Health Centre is a community resource that provides early access to health risk assessment and multidisciplinary interventions, stressing independence and wellness for its clients, strengthening continuity of care when it is needed and reducing the need for expensive institutional care. As such, it integrates, long term care and specialized acute care with primary care.
The Center’s aim is to increase the quality of life for working women and their families,  the aging population and those living with chronic diseases. This is achieved by helping clients optimize their functional ability,  helping them to access health and rehabilitation services in a more timely and coordinated fashion and strengthening the confidence and capabilities of families and caregivers through education. The focus is on independent living while ensuring there is adequate support to women and other caregivers. 
The Center offers core services such as geriatric assessment and care planning, medication assessment, falls risk assessment, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and social work services. Services could also include diet therapy and counseling, psychological testing and counseling, vision and hearing assessments, speech therapy and respiratory therapy. Transportation, meals and recreation could also be provided along with massage, yoga, tai chi, meditation  and other body-mind modalities, depending on needs and interests. A rural and small town model and an urban model can be developed.
Overall, the financial model compares very favorably with other forms of care such as institutional care and home care. 

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