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Invicta Health Dine and Shine Kitchens provide locally sourced healthy meal options for you to assemble

Invicta Health Kitchens are community-based meal preparation centres that provides healthy and nutritious meal menus for "dining in".  Based on a wholistic Nutritional foundation, the kitchens source locally produce and meats choices.  A qualified Wholistic Nutritionist is available for appointments to review your diets and help you make the right choices.


Through bulk buying and preparation of ingredents beforehand, Invicta Health's "Dine and Shine" community kitchens save time an money and help the environment.  They also provide a great way to socialize and meet new friends.  You just book your 1 - 1-1/2 hour session and select your menu ashead of time.  Then the work and boredom of shopping is taken away and you're free to create new dishes that the whole family will enjoy.  Meals prepared with love always tase better !  


Pay it forward and prepare meals for shut-ins and others who may have difficulty preparing meals themselves.   

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