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Redesigning Long Term Care

The current model for long term care in Canada is seriously flawed.  There is little integration of community living with institutional care and many institutions are designed along a penetentiary style of living - long corridors with isolated cell-like rooms and noisey dining halls. We favor small scale living in lifestyle-oriented villages instead of warehouses.  Residents should be able to feel the weather on their faces and breathe the fresh air, so they know they're alive and be encouraged to particate in useful, cultural and recreational activities each day. They should be able to smell dinner cooking and  enjoy the companionship of friends and family when they eat nutrient rich real food in a truly home-like setting. 


Healthy aging and chronic disease management presents both challenges and opportunities for long term care organizations.  Supporting aging in place while offering a continuum of care for those that require more support can mean an expanded role for home care, assisted living and nursing homes organizations.  


Invicta Health helps develop and support these expanded roles by building partnerships, creating master plans and leading innovative development projects.    

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