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Working with Policy-makers, C-suite leaders and influencers  


No major new initiative gets moving without support from senior leaders.   Invicta Health provides the necessary mindset and the extra set of hands to get innovation going.  Employing a structured methodology that has been used to improve performance in hospitals, Invicta Health helps you assess your current initiatives, establish priorities and set targets and get results for each new project. Systems thinking gives you a comprehensive framework while design thinking is used to help solve problems and to find creative solutions. People are at the heart of our process - people who are engaged and focused on results. 

Engaging Staff 

We find the champions that will provide the energy and enthusiasm

to move things forward. They're not always in charge, but they're

always engaged. We help them become better informed and provide

a framework for their actions.  We also help marshall the support of 

others so that ultimately culture changes and there is

continuous improvement.  



Your company or organization will improve its economic performance,

build its brand and reputation and create long term value 

for the next generation.   

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