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Energy Management 

Cloud computing, emerging smart grids, renewables, energy dashboards and advanced analytics are all creating exciting changes in the energy management field.  At the same time, changing incentives, energy performance contracting and other financing strategies can be confusing. We help you establish your approach to GHG reduction, energy conservation and demand management and to sort out your priorities for action.

Green Food

The healthy, local food revolution is creating both challenges and opportunities for food production and distribution within institutions and for food processors and suppliers. We help you take a comprehensive look at how you're managing food and ensure you're in step with the latest approaches.   

Water conservation 

Hospitals, nursing homes and their suppliers use an enormous amount of water. Baseline consumption is not often established and so waste from leaks, cooling towers, steam traps is not known.  Conservation practices in the lab, CSR, laundry, kitchen and other areas may be lacking.  We help you establish targets for water conservation and consider creative solutions to get there.  

Waste and Chemicals Management 

Are you disposing of batteries and hazardous chemicals correctly, have you done biomedical waste audits and do you know about the dioxin containing by-products that you're creating.  There are number strategies that you can adopt to reduce harmful chemicals that can have a significant impact on the environment.  We can help you look at your options and introducce a systematic approach.

Transportation and Supply Chain 

How are you moving the people and materials that come to and go from your site each day.  What logistics and scheduling advances are there that you can take advantage of. Purchasing policies and procedures, printer and paper usage and working with suppliers that can help you achieve a lower environmental impact are all important.  We can help you sort through your options and select the best approach for you. 

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