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Staff Soft Tissue Injury Risk Assessment Survey


The soft tissue risk assessment survey provides an innovative means for organizations to assess which areas are at higher risk of workplace injuries. The automated survey approach provides a means for workers to report on the physical and psychological factors that may predispose them to soft tissue injury, the most comon workplace injury in health care.  Then organizations are given a breakdown of those work units that need particular attention. This is one of several ways that Invicta Health can help companies and organizations to reduce costs, improve working conditions for their staff and promote employee wellness

Occupational Health 

Enterprise Reporting and Analysis of Staff Injuries   


Understanding the risks associated with staff illness and injury requires insight, diligence and good communication.  We offer software solutions that give managers throughout the organization new insights into the root causes and contributing factors to problems.  This saves time and reduces the costs of lost time injuries   Moreover, staff are happier, healthier and more productive.



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